Ready For More Coating, PPF, or regular detail jobs?

Zarzy Media is what a "marketing agency" should be for detailers; a community built, transparent, stress-free marketing agency that turns detailers into local powerhouses by sales-driven marketing by getting you the customers you want.

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100+ Detailers Helped

From Detailers, For Detailers. 0 Outsourcing.

No BS, no gimmicks, let's get right to the point. Everything we do is 100% transparent. We are NOT a marketing agency trying to learn detailing...we are just detailers who know how to market the RIGHT way. Most detailers think they are doing enough on advertising when really, they're just on the surface of everything. We are so confident in our services, that we guarantee our ads will outperform yours.

Case Studies From Our Clients

zarzy media advertising marketing detailing detailers ceramic coating ppf ads facebook google

$1500 In Ad Spend to $34k In Ceramic Coating Jobs In 30 Days. Here's How We Did It:

“Super impressed. Hunter communicates on a level that is honestly missing in the advertisement industry. Many just set your ads and then blow you off. That's the biggest difference I noticed and the reason I would highly recommend him. He listens, adapts and brings professionalism to the table that I have not yet experienced with other marketing companies"- Jonathan Monson of Dirty2Dreamy and Detail Mentor


31 Leads from FaceBook ads, 11 from Google ads. 40% closing rate. Over $34k generated from ads alone giving us about a 23X ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

All leads were captured from our custom ceramic coating landing page. Note: these are only the leads and sales that submitted contact forms from the ads. View the landing page we created here.

FB: Cold Ads, Re-Targeting via Pixel and Page Data

Google: Search Ads

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Small Ad Spend Budget? No Problem.

While we encourage higher ad spend budgets to build out money printing systems, we're capable with working with the smaller guys too.

13 coating leads with only $200 spent and 3 days of running FaceBook ads.

No hiding secrets, we'll actually tell you how we did it on FaceBook...

2 Cold Targeting Campaigns

1-2 Aggressive Re-Targeting Campaigns

detailing advertising for detailers marketing for detailers advertising for detailers

Did You Know?

Messenger campaigns are a great way to sell services <$1000. Our messenger campaigns for interior/exterior details, annual coatings, and other lower ticket services range from $3-7 cost per message.

zarzy media advertising marketing detailing detailers ceramic coating ppf ads facebook google
Digital marketing for detailers
advertising for detailers digital marketing for detailers

"After five years in business and so many failed attempts at advertising, we were super lucky to get in contact with Hunter. In the past few months we have seen exceptional growth and are are expanding at an exciting yet manageable pace. I couldn’t recommend their services enough. So exciting to hand this task off to professionals and see real results!" - Sean Hutchisson of Taurus Auto Detailing.

Built Different

"Marketing Agencies" have a tendency to lack basic communication skills.

While obviously results are our top priority, proper communication is what we built our business model off of. We try to get back to you when working with you within hours. Not days or weeks. You worked hard for your business, it's your baby. Time is the one thing we don't get back, there's no time wasted, from the moment you sign on to the second we are sending you weekly reports and answering any questions along the way.

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Ads Are Your Assets

We do not hide the metrics. Some agencies actually build out a different account so they can remove you once their time is done. To us, ads and the systems we build are assets for you and your business. They are in your hands forever. We can also walkthrough as to why we structured this custom plan for you. We want to help educate along with growing your detailing business.

Your Business, Your Custom Plans

We do NOT force you to run 40% off a coating package for the sake of leads. We do NOT force you to get in front of the camera to record a generic video. Every plan we create for detailers is different. Only have after pictures of cars you've coated? Perfect. Have a full blown production of your coating process? Sweet. Wherever you are at, we can help.

Lack Of Communication F***s Things Up

We cannot stress the importance of proper communication. Whether it's FB Messenger, Email, Texts, or carrier pigeon, we will get back to you as soon as you can. Our ads are also sent to YOU first for your approval. After all, you'd want to see what's being put out there to the public with your business, right?

About Us

Our roots started in detailing. Co-founding and running a detailing business for +5 years, we know the process in and out. Founded By Hunter Zarzycki, Zarzy Media was established in April 2020 to bridge the obvious gap between detailers and successful marketing. A year later, we have successfully helped over 90 detailers (as well as a few non-detailers) become ROI positive across the country.

Zarzy Media's work is ran 100% by Hunter. There is ZERO outsourcing done and we're keeping it that way. What we built is unique and is not built on a system made for other industries. 100% built in the detailing industry.

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Our Services

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Full On Marketing

This is our bread and butter. Our main service. The one that puts us in the drivers seat. This allows us to completely come on board. We handle your FaceBook or Google Advertising, or both. We create the ads top to bottom, only needing your content for FaceBook. We use our proven and rigorously tested methods to get you more coatings, PPFs, paint corrections, or regular details. After we have our strategy session, you just sit back and let the calls come in. Schedule a discovery call to see if this a right fit for you. Have any questions about Ads or SEO? Schedule a quick call.

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Ad Coaching

Recently launched, we saw a huge hole to fill. A lot of detailers do not have the knowledge to get 5 figure results from advertising. At only $297/month, I will personally coach, walkthrough, and review ads you have running. The goal here is to work with you to have ads that can produce ROI positive results and slowly improve upon them every week. Maybe you're not ready to offload marketing, maybe you're more of a DIY person, whatever the reason, we have the resources to help.

marketing for detailers digital advertising for detailers detailing business
detailing marketing for detailers digital

We work with all ceramic coating and PPF brands.

We are not sponsored by any coating brands, or brand loyal. We can work with any brand, as long as we are a good fit together.

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